M-Files: Fernemo Information & Grafik customer case

With M-Files, we have gained a better understanding of our workload while our editors welcomed and quickly got into the system.

Ivar Fernemo
CEO, Fernemo Information & amp; Grafik AB

Even small businesses need Document Management

The small media production agency Fernemo Information & Grafik had some challenges using shared network folders, before adopting M-Files for their file management. This is a short summary of their experiences from implementing the award winning software.

Document Management in Windows shared folders takes too much time – and is hard work!

Despite a broader use of computers where business software like MS Office and Adobe applications are widespread, the file management has not changed that much since the introduction of computers. Files are saved in named folders that are filled with different content. As they are updated, the files are re-saved in new instances with additions to the file name to indicate which version it is.

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