M-Files: Fernemo Information & Grafik customer case

With M-Files, we have gained a better understanding of our workload while our editors welcomed and quickly got into the system.

Ivar Fernemo
CEO, Fernemo Information & amp; Grafik AB

Even small businesses need Document Management

The small media production agency Fernemo Information & Grafik had some challenges using shared network folders, before adopting M-Files for their file management. This is a short summary of their experiences from implementing the award winning software.

Document Management in Windows shared folders takes too much time – and is hard work!

Despite a broader use of computers where business software like MS Office and Adobe applications are widespread, the file management has not changed that much since the introduction of computers. Files are saved in named folders that are filled with different content. As they are updated, the files are re-saved in new instances with additions to the file name to indicate which version it is.

This was the situation at Fernemo Information & Graphik AB, a company that specializes in making annual reports of municipalities in Sweden and employs administrators, text editors, proof readers and technical staff who are both in the office and out in the country.

For years, Fernemo have used a strict policy for naming files, and for access to various folders on the network. "We worked quite manually, and it worked great. But it had two weaknesses in itself: It was quite difficult to get an overview of what individuals' workloads looked like and it was very labor intensive," says Ivar Fernemo, president of the company.

A Need for complex workflows with version management and Web Access

"Fernemos requirements for a replacement to Windows Explorer as a document manager made ​​M-Files, an advanced and innovative document management systems a option. We wanted a solution that easily integrates into the workflow we have already established with our staff. It was a great advantage that the system was available in Swedish and that you could get help with configuration in Swedish, " Ivar said.

"Moreover, the whole company had requested better and easier version management because it was previously done manually, and sometimes incorrectly. It was difficult with the previous system to see who made ​​changes and what was changed. This, together with requirements for access on different platforms, since some only worked on the web, while eg. administrators are used to working in a pure Windows environment and others work on a Mac, instantly made M-Files a strong alternative. M-Files was also capable of seamlessly integrating with the established VPN solution."

Custom views and a fast search function for all content

When an administrator is to save a downloaded file from a client, there is no longer a need to choose where it will be located. Instead, you just fill in the name and choose which project and category it belongs to. The file will then automatically correct the name and store it in one place: in M-Files.

The M-Files database allows users to immediately find the right documents, with no need to worry about whether there are more updated versions elsewhere. Users have "views", virtual folders that are tailored to their profile, where all their relevant documents appear. Additionally, you can search just by typing a few attributes to obtain the relevant documents.

"Everyone has been very positive about the new system. Even from those who are not at very good terms with computers, the feedback has been remarkably positive," says Ivar and smiles. "What they think is great is that each one of them have gained a much better overview of what they are doing. Both what material is coming in and what they're working on right now, but also the work that is already done, which has been appreciated."

The IT perspective

From an IT perspective, the M-Files is easy to maintain and backup. as Ivar puts it: "There have been no problems or issues with AD integration, everything has worked well on that front." M-Files was also capable of seamlessly integrating with the established VPN.

With M-Files document management software and built-in workflows, Fernemo Information & Grafik AB has created a complete system for managing documents – not just folders on a Windows server. All projects and files are easily available which ensures that all employees are working with the correct version of any document, at all times.

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Fernemo Information & Grafik AB
"Fernemo Information & Grafik AB was founded in 2004. We work primarily with the public sector. Our mission is to make information more accessible. We work with text in all its forms - from simple surveys to extensive operations and writing new material. We have customers from Västerbotten in the north, to Skåne in the south."

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