Elements Processes for M-Files

Full-featured BPM system. Invite your whole team to draw process diagrams. Manage and view it all in M-Files. Start for FREE and upgrade as needed.

Show processes in M-Files

  • View and navigate visual process diagrams in the M-Files right-pane
    • For M-Files Desktop Client and Web Client
  • Show documents and other data together with their business context
  • Access M-Files content directly from the processes in Elements
M-Files Processes

Basic integration


Fully cover basic Business Process Management, for free! Includes the core functions of Elements, with a Basic integration to view and navigate processes diagrams in the M-Files desktop client and web client. Perfect for entry level projects, mapping M-Files configs and the BPM needs of small organizations.Try it out!

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Advanced integration

Upgrade to professional level BPM and a tighter M-Files integration. Gain more control of publication, versions and users. All published Elements content is automatically integrated as objects in M-Files, and published M-Files documents are immediately available as attachments to Elements diagrams. Suitable for professional BPM needs. Scalable from small businesses to enterprises.

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Send us your email to access our M-Files web demo. We'll also invite you to an Elements Space where you can learn more, and get your own Free space.

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Elements is a Freemium standard solution, with a mission to deliver truly professional process value to more businesses. As partners with both companies, we provide integration of Elements into M-Files.

You can start with Elements for free, getting an excellent platform for process mapping and collaboration. Invite users via email, with basic access control. Show process diagrams in M-Files Desktop and Web Client using our integration app, with or without our help. The free subscription includes tools for drawing and managing professional process diagrams, and allows you to invite unlimited new users for collaboration with functional access management.This is perfect for smaller projects, scoping implementations and for allowing you to add basic process value to M-Files.

Upgrade to a paid subscription as needed to add more advanced features (such as AD integration, Single Sign-On, controlled publication of diagrams, etc.), and enable a tighter integration with M-Files. When your customers (or other people you've introduced to Elements) upgrade, you get a commission. The paid subscriptions Pro and Corpoprate IT are suitable for small to enterprise businesses, with features such as advanced access control, version and publication management, AD-integration and Single Sign On.

Elements is a super easy Business Process Management solution to understand, manage and distribute to End Users. It is uses the UPN language (Universal Process Notation), which is dedicated to ensuring End Users understand their roles and tasks, seen in the context of the business as a whole. We can help you can get started for free and integrate Elements processes directly into M-Files. If you're interested in a seamless two-way integration, take a look at our Advanced options.

Elements tools for M-Files

Maintain your process diagrams in a stable and feature-rich Cloud service:

  • State-of-the art drawing tools, with drag-n-drop, on-screen guidance, different styling options and swimlanes available
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Link to documents, display multi-media (including video) and more
  • Full version control and change log
  • Access control: decide who may see and edit what
  • Business analytics functionality: understand your organization better
  • Professional support: including support chat, tutorial articles and videos - and diagram templates

Tight integration between M-Files content and their relevant processes

  • Two-way connection between visual processes and M-Files data
  • See M-Files content in a business context:
    • "What is the best practice for using this content?"
    • "What should I think about when starting a new project?"
    • "When is this document ready for the next workflow state?"

Get professional Business Process Management, directly in M-Files

  • Execute processes directly from the visual diagrams
  • Link to M-Files functions, such as "Create New..." to start documents from templates, projects, and much more
  • Access your process content, both from M-Files and the Elements cloud platform
    • Use Elements as a simple, process based Extranet for customers and other intressents to view specific processes and content

About Elements.Cloud

Elements is a leading Cloud solution for professional Business Process Management. Founded by long-time veterans of standard solutions for process management, Elements' platform is to Process Management what M-Files is to Enterprise Content Management. Their concept is to take the process management features traditionally reserved for expensive corporate solutions and offer them in a new way in the Cloud, starting at Free. The free package includes unlimited users and diagrams, state-of-the-art drawing tools and professional support.

Having worked closely with the people behind Elements in their past ventures, when we implemented their corporate standard solutions for Quality Management, we immediately saw the benefits of combining their new process service with an advanced information management system. That is why we at Solution Management have collaborated with Elements to integrate their Cloud platform seamlessly into M-Files (Web and Desktop clients).

For FREE?!

Well, yes. Freemium, to be exact. The basic offering of Elements + M-Files is a free subscription. This free plan covers all the basics for drawing, managing and sharing process diagrams in a Cloud app - and viewing them together with content in the M-Files Desktop Client and Web Client.

Core features:
  • Invite your whole team to cooperate around processes.
  • Draw unlimited process diagrams using easy, state-of-the-art web tools.
  • Attach other content to your process boxes; such as links to documents, videos and images for how to perform certain activities.
  • Share your process maps with your organization and invite your contacts to cooperate on diagrams.
  • Professional tutorial videos that help you get started with Elements; and eventually master it.
  • Support, including a direct Support chat, access to Elements' support database of How-to articles and videos - and the global Elements community.
  • A public library of example and template processes that you can copy and edit; including a full process template for managing GDPR.

There are also Pro and Corporate subscription models which add additional functionality, while remaining very affordable. With these plans, Elements diagrams are fully integrated as data objects in M-Files and more advanced quality management features are available. You can also try out our full, pre-built Quality Management solution based on M-Files and Elements: Visual QMS.

Easy, professional tools for capturing and managing process diagrams.

Make process diagrams a natural part of M-Files.

Expand to handle Quality Processes, connected to visual processes.



Get basic Business Process Management value, for free! This plan includes the core functions of Elements as a complement to M-Files. Perfect for entry level projects, mapping your M-Files vaults and solutions - and for the BPM needs of small organizations.

Try it out!


Upgrade to a Pro Elements subscription and a tight integration between M-Files and Elements. Gain more control of publication, versions and users. All published Elements content is automatically integrated as objects in M-Files, and published M-Files documents are immediately available for quick use as attachments on boxes in Elements diagrams.

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*We assume you have M-Files licenses already. If not, we can provide those as well in a package.

Visual QMS

Consider using our full Visual QMS solution for advanced quality management and compliance (ISO, etc.) needs. Based on our experience with delivering corporate Quality Management solutions, we have created a scalable system based on modules in M-Files and Elements. Customers are able to scale the system to the size of their organization and their needed Quality Mangement features.

Features include:

  • Advanced Change Management
  • Training managment and logging
  • Knowledge management
  • Knowledge management
  • Non-compliance managemnet (CCAPA)
  • Risk management
  • Compliance management (ISO, GDPR etc.)

Contact us for more information: +45 2141 6100  |  [email protected]

Get started!

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