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Here you can find free trials and resources, to help and inspire you in your search for the right software solution for your company.

M-Files for ECM and Document Management

M-Files is a leading global developer and vendor of software for Document Management, Information Management and Enterprise Content Management. As Nordic Gold Partner, we implement solutions using the software that answer to the unique demands of our customers.

The system is easy to use and fully scalable. M-Files quickly becomes widely adopted by the users, mainly because of M-Files unique way of organizing documents and other information: not based on where it is stored in a folder structure, but what it is.

Whitepapers, artiklar och E-böcker (Engelsk text):

The Future of ECM:
The Intelligent Metadata Layer

A winning ECM Recipe:
Simplicity on the Frontend, Sophistication on the Backend

The Risks of Filesharing:
Is your company data at risk?

Providing Content in Context:
on integration with core systems

Gratis E-bok:
Rethinking Content Management

"What you need to know to plan for the cloud, mobile and more"

M-Files is recognized by analysts

The analysis firms Gartner and Forrester both continually list M-Files as a leading vendor of document management and ECM.
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TIBCO Nimbus (Business Process Management)

TIBCO Nimbus is ready to to help the whole company with all of the process work, through a software that can be reached through the browser.

The company employees can always find their processes online – with relevant attachments and supporting data. Nimbus supports the notation language UPN, a modern approach which makes it easier for the process group to draw processes – and easier for the company to understand and act on them.

Try the Lite-version:
TIBCO Nimbus Maps

Universal Process Notation

Nimbus' simple solution for complex process diagrams

Intrexx (Low-code web apps and portal software)

In INTREXX you can easily design intranet pages and create applications for presenting, connecting, managing and using your company data in unlimited ways.

Live demo:
Intrexx Sample Web Portal

Take a look at the demo portal (opens in a new window):