Want to increase the use of your Nimbus Control installation?

Having your employees use your Control implementation as planned is the key to getting value from your investment. Do you want the control to be as easy to understand and use as a tablet? Learn more about “landing pages”.

Everyone who uses Control quickly realizes what a fantastic tool it is for understanding their business and to convey business understanding to all employees. The speed and ease with which you can create process diagrams is remarkable. The way Control gets the processes that generate and maintain its value over time is brilliant. But Control is initially quite subtle in its visual design. The idea is that the customer should make his or her own design decisions. This opens up a whole world of possibilities, if one is willing. To get people to use your implementation, you need to keep them interested. No matter how well written the processes may be, they must also capture the users’ full interest. One way is by graphic improvements. With the right design, each department gets a neat front page, a nice place to start their work from – for both the PC and mobile devices. We call them “landing pages”, and we have developed a unique method to use them to increase the use of our customers’ Control implementations.

Customize your solution

Nimbus Control, the most advanced BPM application on the market, which we recently implemented fully at ISS Facility Services Sweden, includes the ability to customize several components. It is possible to get their charts to look quite good by changing the style and color of the content, but there are often few too many pages with nothing but boxes. That is why we recommend including specially designed charts with a little more to look at among the processes; simplified pages that are easier to understand and navigate, with inspiring graphics.

Landing Pages inspire

It’s not just the look of the implementation that is enhanced by a little more ambitious design. It also caters to users with different needs and experience:

– Young people are accustomed to less advanced PC and tablet applications that are simple, quick and stylish. They tire quickly from pages with simple processes without visual stimulation.

– Users with less computer experience can have difficulties navigating without helpful graphics.

– Then there are of course employees that are more accustomed to navigating the PC menus than others, but who also work even faster with easier navigation.

Whatever type your employees belong to (probably a few of each) or how well documented your processes are in control, we have noticed that users utilize their processes more efficient and above all much more often if they have inviting looks. Charts that are rarely used will rarely generate value.

How do I get there?

Implementing Control according to our recommendations and methods will get you one of the most complete BPM solutions on the market. We have also developed a special approach with support programs for Nimbus Control by integrating it with SharePoint. Among other things, this provides for additional opportunities to tailor the user experience, along with other features such as file management and social business communication. Contact us at Solution Management for a review of your requirements when it comes to increasing the use of your Control implementation