Transform Control into a Social powerhouse!

Pictured: tibbr as a natural extension of the Control webserver, bringing social to the front page
Pictured: tibbr as a natural extension of the Control webserver, bringing social to the front page

An increasingly social internet has led to a new way of communicating, somewhere in-between e-mail and chatting. This leads to quicker discussions, with multi-media content and more participants than ever. Would you like to learn how your enterprise can tap into the power of social networking to get more value from your data and your Control implementation?

If you already have a great enterprise platform for processes and documents such as Nimbus Control – implemented with a customized, inspiring, graphical interface ensuring ease-of-use on any device – you have taken a giant step towards the new generation of business improvement. The next step is enterprise social networking. Why not integrate it with your Nimbus Control platform?

tibbr used to discuss content within Nimbus Control

tibbr used to discuss content within Nimbus Control. In this case a Storyboard, a recording and playback feature native to Control which ensures understanding and promotion of even the most complex company processes.

Most of the internet is now social, meaning it invites users to involve their social network in what they are reading, watching, talking about and listening to. Whether they are merely aware of your activities or partaking in them, more people are sharing daily experiences with you than ever. Social media is here to stay and has changed the way we interact profoundly. It isn’t uncommon to see people of all ages at “IRL” (In Real Life) social gatherings go silent in unison as they each take out their smart phones, just to check their Facebook wall. Much of employees’ time at work is spent on sites like Facebook; enough for 50 % of British businesses to ban accessing the site, according to a recent survey. Why not have them spend some of that time socially interacting within the company instead, fueling your business communication and content in with the power of networking? For that we recommend Tibco’s premium social app, tibbr. There are many social apps, but none that complements the Nimbus Control platform, also part of the Tibco suite, as tibbr.

An efficient power source

Business social has several advantages. It can allow employees faster access to knowledge from co-workers and internal experts while reducing communication and travel costs. This improves both employee and customer satisfaction. Social media is this extremely potent power source, fueling the world economy in unexpected ways and with countless applications we haven’t even begun to figure out. It can empower causes, musical careers, product marketing and even help bring down dictatorships – as seen during last year’s Arabic spring. It’s doubtful that chain e-mails could produce the same effect. Social Media is just that much more approachable, giving unparalleled momentum to every piece of content. This is the key to its power; duplication with a click, yielding a snowball effect. Everything you do on a social site grows and expands beyond you and even your network, as everyone you know gives more value to your content than they ever did with conventional communications tools. This also feeds the addiction to social sites: Whatever you start – from a tiny conversation or a venture in an online game, to a global cause or business project – it’s bound to grow through your network, and we are hardcoded to love watching things grow. At work, you want your employees to grow your business, not virtual farms on Facebook.

The tibbr wall, with a feed of your important subjects in the center

The tibbr wall, with a feed of your important subjects in the center.

Harnessing the power for business

So we know that Social Media is powerful, and quite addictive. Addiction to making things grow within a network isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s only natural, and the development of society is a prime example. But spending time networking in Facebook games offers little actual return. With tibbr, this power can instead be harnessed for improving your business. tibbr is not simply an internal Facebook-like; it’s a premium product built for enterprise results. Every aspect of the service has been developed as seriously and thoughtfully as Tibco’s other flagship products, and it shows. Co-workers can communicate faster than ever, quickly sending messages, files or status updates to all the relevant people. If they are really pressed for time, they can resolve to just send a “Like” for encouragement or share posts from their department with other networks. They can partake in important discussions and give useful input on the go, intuitively with complete functionality on any device. There’s even the possibility of working together through video conferences and screen sharing within the social app. With multi-functionality comes responsibility, however: a few ground rules are probably a good idea to moderate usage towards the company wishes.

Improving on the formula

As a straight forward social media site, tibbr offers a great many improvements to the social networking formula, particularly in feed management. Promoting the right information to the right people is the great problem facing us in the era of Big Data. Most social sites are good at collecting data, while only a few perform when it comes to sorting it. “Context is everything” is a development motto for Tibco; even relevant information loses its value in a pile of irrelevant data. To combat this, tibbr offers customizable subject and department feeds that let the users decide the information flow. The content uploaded on site is also completely searchable, with Google-like function within your network. With a little work you can even use tibbr to give more value to your document management with social input. Apps from third party developers like Box (the cloud document management system) are already available to plug into tibbr and the list is growing. Users and departments also get a profile where apart from their contact info they can also showcase their activity, achievements and their personality – giving faces to the company. These features

A tibbr user profile.

A tibbr user profile.

Promoting social to the end users

Next issue is the actual promotion of data, through notifications and messages, which tibbr excels at. You can access tibbr from a web browser and multi-platform apps for desktops, phones and devices – at no extra cost. The apps are fully featured and keep you updated on important activities of your choosing. The inclusion of these premium grade apps is a deal breaker for us. Browser based competitors or those with simpler app solutions lack many useful features such as notifications, which is a requirement for widespread usage. With tibbr, it’s hard to miss an update and reviewing and replying to your discussions is intuitive and quick. That is the main reason we prefer tibbr over the competition: It just works, with all the features you could wish for in a social app and more. It excels in all regards, on any device, with the added value of its clever customization options. It is far ahead of its competitors, individual reviews and tests have yielded similar conclusions. Another major reason we like tibbr is its seamless integration with the newer versions of Nimbus Control, offering the possibility of discussing content directly in the Control site. Apart from letting you discuss Nimbus Control content with tibbr and promote those posts within the Control environment, your wall can also be integrated in the webserver. This means that employees need only open the Control webserver to access both their business social and their business processes.

How can I try tibbr?

Contact us to learn more about tibbr and how to integrate it with your Nimbus Control platform. We can also help you plan and start your free trial!

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