Nimbus 10.1 released!

TIBCO Nimbus 10.1 has been released (view release notes) and on the whole, we feel it is a much more stable build than the initial version 10 release. Nimbus 10 was a major release introducing a fully new web interface complete with web-based process mapping tools, and now a several bugs and other early issues have been fixed. Among the new web features in Nimbus 10.1, we are excited about (quote from TICBO’s blog):

Manage compliance and internal frameworks in the browser

Statement sets are used to capture industry standards, compliance frameworks, or internal control and risk registers that can all be defined in a hierarchical list. Combined with data tables, the metadata and information behind each of these statements or clauses can be extended and tailored to provide a central repository of all compliance information. These can be attached and linked through to processes in order to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

And (quote from TICBO’s blog):

Managed structured forms and tables in the browser

Where structured data capture forms or fields are required to be attached to process activities, data tables provide a way of defining a template of fields where records can be added to processes. This capability has been revamped for the browser interface to provide a way of managing these tables in a much better user experience.

These features mean that your can now perform some of the most impressive Nimbus functions (compliance and audit management, together with the customization of the datafields) in the Web Client, with a more user-friendly interface which will hopefully make the features more widely known and used among Nimbus customers.

Download TIBCO Nimbus 10.1 release notes

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