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Quickly learn how to manage your documents and information easier and faster with the Free M-Files Trial. Like what you build in the trial? Keep it when you switch to the full license! The trial comes complete with these features:

  • Fully featured M-Files demo
    All M-Files features unlocked in the demo, your only limit is the 30 day expiration.
  • Built in and Online guides
    Get started quickly and use the full power of M-Files to try solving real challenges you face in Information and Document Management.
  • Extensive Sample Vault
    A simulated solution of a model company to give you some examples and inspiration for building your own structure, with a sample structure, multiple users, documents and other information. Learn some of what is possible with M-Files and see for yourself how easy and fast it is to search and browse a solution.
  • Build your own solution
    The M-Files Trial allows you to build your own Document Management Solution vault to test out for your specific needs and challenges. Happy with your own work in the trial? Keep your progress when you get the full license! Let us be your guide to easier Document Management.
  • Help from an experienced implementation partner
    Need help with building a solution in the M-Files Trial? Let us use our knowledge and experience of implementing M-Files enterprise solutions to help you get the most out of the Trial. Don't hesitate to Contact us at any stage of your M-Files Trial!

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The M-Files Trial delivers the full experience

We believe some of the most important requirements of a Document Management System are:

A good structure, that is easily understood and makes building and updating the solution easy. For this, storing it all in a database with managed metadata is the way to go. Documents and other information is stored in a vault, managed by metadata which you govern through an easy user interface. With M-Files you can create a structure that suits your needs and be inspired by the setup of the Sample Vault.

Fast and Easy to use. The system must require as little learning, adapting and patience from its users as possible and help users find and store the information they need on demand – every time. Your IT users expect excellence from your critical business systems. A Document Management System is vital to the users' performance and overall workday – and will not be given many chances. The moment the users feel an alternative is slightly easier and/or faster than the DMS, they will be tempted to use that instead (local storage, e-mail, etc.)

The UI must provide an extremely easy user-experience and the technology behind it must locate and deliver the correct data quickly – every single time. M-Files is strong in both these areas, as you will see when you start your Trial.

Technology that is open and capable of easy integration with other systems, using mainly standard components and coding languages, without requiring too much specialized knowledge to maintain.

A fully-featured Trial that quickly shows you what it is about. You should be able to tell if your like it or not on your own, in the first few days of testing and building. The trial should allow you to start tackling some of your current challenges, letting you know if you can use it for your specific needs. As previously mentioned, the M-Files trial lets you try your hand at your own challenges and carry on with the progress you like on the full license!

M-Files delivers on all these requirements, including a Great Trial! Click the link below to start your 30 day M-Files Trial – and learn the easy way to manage information.

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