Let SIRI help you store in Information in M-Files!

Siri + M-Files

M-Files is a leading Enterprise Information Management system, recognized by Gartner and Forrester. It manages documents and other information according to what it is, not where it is stored. It is also available on smartphones, where voice recognition software is now very advanced. So advanced that you can use it to speed up your storage of information, especially tiny data that is often forgotten.

M-Files manages documents and other information. Eg. Information about customers, suppliers and projects. One kind of information could be Project Event, where you can record a few lines of information about what was decided at a project meeting or just a quick meeting in the café. In M-Files you would fill in a date and which project it is about:

M-Files Metadata card
Pictured: the metadata card for the project event.

The problem is that these often informal short meetings and oral “decisions” may not seem 100% necessary to keep documentation on, and do not get properly stored all the time.

This is where Siri comes in by filling in the information by voice.

In the M-Files mobile app, you can easily enter these non-document information with Siri. Simply select the project in question, press the microphone, talk and let Siri fill in the text. You can do it at the meeting, or in the car on the way home.

M-Files on an iPhone
Siri works great as an interface for M-Files, so why not use it?

PS: Siri understands my Danish excellently. However my English leaves her with some degree of misunderstanding. I am sure that will improve in the next version of iOS.