Is ISO giving money worth for certified companies?

Just read an article in the Swedish magazine Kvalitetsmagasinet who is talking about a recent study done by Certway on the benefits that companies get out of being ISO certified. It seems that the companies indeed get their processes organised but no real benefits coming out from the Quality Management System (“kvalitetssystem” or “ledningssystem” in Swedish). Why is that?

Is it really that their Business Process Management (BPM) effort is not good enough or that people are lazy not using their system? I don’t think that people are failing in their efforts neither are people lazy.

If you look at the top level of your process model it is very often done something similar to the APQC classification framework with a generic operational process and below some supporting processes in classical BPM style.

Exciting? Nope, don’t think so…

Using a more graphical approach for a more appealing way of showing your top level,  immediately gives the end-users a more graphical understanding of the different departments in an iPhone-like use of icons for the different departments. And a more intuitive way of accessing information than reading.

As a first part for getting people to use your hard earned processes for your ISO-certification is making at least your top level a bit more interesting and trying to keep up with the high tech things people are using at home like High Definition TV:s, mobile phones etc. You can lead a horse to water (but you can’t make him drink).