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This blog belongs to Solution Management, a Nordic company of business software professionals. Here, our thoughts and ideas on business technology will be shared from time to time. Visit our main website for more information: Danish / Swedish

At Solution Management we operate mainly in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Batlics, with solutions for both large franchises and mid to smaller companies. We have two main specializations:

We are Nordic Gold Partners with M-Files, developers of a very advanced, yet easy-to-implement and easy-to-use Document Management / ECM solution. We believe M-Files' approach is the future of content management, with clever Metadata and an advanced Intelligence layer replacing the old, manual ways of storing, finding and managing information.
Visit our M-Files web page to learn more: Danish / Swedish

We are the Nordic Premium Re-sellers of the powerful Business Process Management software TIBCO Nimbus and train Quality professionals and Process authors in its effective use. Nimbus is a single solution for all Process Management challenges, including drawing processes, publishing, promoting and audit management.
Learn more by visiting our Nimbus page: Danish / Swedish

For more information about Nimbus Control in the Nordics (northern Europe, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Baltics, etc.) visit our website (Danish / Swedish) where you can register for a Free Webinar about our services and the software.

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