Ready for ISO 9001:2015? Webinar invitation

ISO 9001:2015 is the latest release of the celebrated quality standard. It sets new requirements for compliant companies, with a new concept around Risk awareness as a major addition. How do you make sure that you are ready for ISO 9001:2015, and is there an easy way?

On April 5, M-Files UK is hosting a webinar about ISO 9001 and Easy Quality Management. Maintaining quality standards like ISO 9001 ensures that companies consistently deliver value to their customers and stakeholders. A Quality Management System is the toolbox for driving compliance to quality standards throughout the company, and typically consists of:

  • Visualized company processes, showing how the company operates.
  • Documented information containing policies, instructions and guidelines.
  • Supporting systems that automate processes.

With the release of ISO 9001:2015, there are now new ways to optimize these three parts of a QMS. As a leader in Enterprise Information Management and Quality Management technology, software developer M-Files has offered some interesting insights on how to easily prepare your QMS for ISO 9001:2015 compliance in a whitepaper found here.

Webinar invitation

On April 5th M-Files UK is hosting the webinar ISO 9001:2015 and Easy Quality Management. This webinar will cover the following topics:
  • ISO 9001:2015 - key changes and what they mean to you
  • Ensuring a smooth transition
  • Introduction to M-Files and next-generation quality management
  • Streamlining process and audit management

ISO 9001:2015 and Easy Quality Management
Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 11:00 AM (GMT) - Duration: 1 hour.

 Read Whitepaper: Ready for ISO 9001:2015?


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Let SIRI help you store in Information in M-Files!

Siri + M-Files

M-Files is a leading Enterprise Information Management system, recognized by Gartner and Forrester. It manages documents and other information according to what it is, not where it is stored. It is also available on smartphones, where voice recognition software is now very advanced. So advanced that you can use it to speed up your storage of information, especially tiny data that is often forgotten.

M-Files manages documents and other information. Eg. Information about customers, suppliers and projects. One kind of information could be Project Event, where you can record a few lines of information about what was decided at a project meeting or just a quick meeting in the café. In M-Files you would fill in a date and which project it is about:

M-Files Metadata card

Pictured: the metadata card for the project event.

The problem is that these often informal short meetings and oral “decisions” may not seem 100% necessary to keep documentation on, and do not get properly stored all the time.

This is where Siri comes in by filling in the information by voice.

In the M-Files mobile app, you can easily enter these non-document information with Siri. Simply select the project in question, press the microphone, talk and let Siri fill in the text. You can do it at the meeting, or in the car on the way home.

M-Files on an iPhone

Siri works great as an interface for M-Files, so why not use it?

PS: Siri understands my Danish excellently. However my English leaves her with some degree of misunderstanding. I am sure that will improve in the next version of iOS.

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3 keys to an Efficient Office Setup: EIM, BPM and Regus


Regus  Manhattan

“Virtual Office” in  Manhattan. Image from

What do M-Files, TIBCO Nimbus and Regus have in common? They can help you achieve a truly efficient, paperless office setup, where everybody knows what to do, how to cooperate and keep in balance with their private lives, too.

Who are we?

Solution Management is a small consulting and software distribution company, offering soltions that make it easy for everybody in an organization to understand their role, get access to relevant information, cooperate with colleagues and be successful in their business life. We sell M-Files Document- and Information Management, TIBCO Nimbus Business Process Management and Intrexx Portal Solutions.

Everyone deserves to know...

With the software solutions we offer, we help our customer understand their processes, manage their information and promote it to the end users.

Where do we come from?

We used to store our documents on everything, a folder on a server, Dropbox, our own PCs, Google Drive. You name it, we got it, more or less like many other companies. Very often we had stored several copies of various versions, with difficulties locating the right document in the correct version. We had ordinary offices with a lot of printed paper in binders, boxes, drawers. Again like most other businesses. Every morning everybody was visually reminded of things to do which was giving us a very bad start of the day, not focusing on the really important tasks of the day: concentrate on the customers.

Where are we now?

Often you will find us in the lovely office spaces of Ørestad Fairway House in Copenhagen. Image from

Often you will find us in the lovely office spaces of Ørestad Fairway House in Copenhagen. Image from

For many years we have been delivering Nimbus Business Process Management solutions to customers in the Nordic countries. Off course we use it ourselves and have our processes described visually in order to be efficient and understand how we deliver most value to our customers. A couple of years back we discovered M-Files as a fantastic Document- and Information Management Solution. After having seen the immense benefits from using it, we cannot imagine going back to anything else. It allows easy and secure access to all information and documents we need and it gives us the opportunity to become paperless, which we are now. Having an ultra flexible office rental at Regus adds the last bit of flexibility, which makes it possible to become fully efficient. Let me explain why this is the case.

The goals

We want to:

  • Deliver good value to our customers
  • Do the right things right
  • Know what we are doing
  • Capture knowledge about our work in order to improve
  • Have low fixed costs
  • Be successful as individuals and as a company
  • Have fun

Why M-Files?

M-Files is an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution developed by M-Files Corporation. It suits all Industries and sizes of companies and manages documents, workflows and information about customers, projects and all sorts of information. All information including permission settings is stored in an efficient database, with fast views and search giving quick access to the information and documents you need. It is folderless and easy to understand. You cannot find easier ways to find and use information you need and collaborate with your colleagues about. Learn more about M-Files here…

Why Nimbus?

Nimbus is a Business Process Management solution from TIBCO software. It captures all your business processes in a visual way that is easy to understand, and creates links from the processes to documents, transaction systems and other URLs relevant for the task. Nimbus distributes role based process information to each individual, so that he or she gets exactly the information needed to perform the job. In short: it allows us to capture knowledge about how best to do the various tasks we have, in order so serve our clients the best possible way. Especially new colleagues gets the benefit from having quick access to our ways of working. Learn more about Nimbus here…

Why Regus?

Regus offers office space globally and is present in the locations we work in, the Nordic countries. They have many products, but we utilize the concepts of Day Office and Business Lounge access. A person with a Day Office Card can book an office eg. 10 days per month. Depending on availibilty he gets his own office for the day – sometimes it is large sometimes small, but it is always tidy and ready to work in. The wireless system recognizes you in all locations.

What we like about it is that it is guaranteed paperless. You only have what you bring along in your bag. Thereby you do not have copies of reports and specifications lying around, that could constitute a new version of a document. We are forced to have all our information stored in our systems, M-Files and Nimbus, which improves the value of the information in them. We are always sure that all new information is available to those who need it.

There is probably a Regus near you, learn more about them here…

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10 second M-Files / Nimbus integration

M-Files’ web interface gives the same possibilities as a desktop client. It can be integrated into TIBCO Nimbus’ portal in 10 seconds.

We recently wrote about this for our news article about the latest version of TIBCO Nimbus 9.5.1, which has a new section that allows for a website or application to be integrated by URL. The clever web interface for M-Files allows more or less the same functionality as the desktop client. So much so that we have customers, who are IT professionals themselves, that solely rely on M-Files in their browser. After TIBCO Nimbus 9.5.1 and their new “Custom Home section” feature, you can just pop the URL into the little field in the admin section and call it a day.


Literally one click from integrating M-Files with full functionality into the TIBCO Nimbus portal.

The swedish label means “Custom Home section”, I was unable to get an English language screenshot for this blog post. Whichever URL you put in will be implemented in the Home screen for all users. They will log in with their own account to M-Files.

M-Files in TIBCO Nimbus 9.5.1

And here is the result, a section in the Home screen has been added which displays the M-Files web client.

If Nimbus is the portal for your quality system, having M-Files in the Home screen is very neat for the users. Copying the URL and pasting it in the right field should not take much more than 10 seconds. However, in order to get the full value there are some more steps you can take to integrate M-Files (or any other state of the art metadata based DMS with a fully featured web interface) into your Nimbus portal.

M-Files document attachments in Activity boxes

One of the most praised features in Nimbus is the neat way you can attach documents and URL:s to the activity boxes in diagrams. Usually, the document links are to files in the Nimbus Document Registry. Since the document registry in Nimbus was not designed as a full Document Management System (though, some Nimbus owners do use it as such), it could be wise to look at an external DMS.

The paperclip signifies an attached document or URL.

The paperclip signifies an attached document or URL.

If you want an external DMS linked with Nimbus, there are two options: by URL from the DMS or by using Sharepoint document storage, which is already integrated with Nimbus. In both cases,,when using a direct URL to the files you might have to work in two places when adding/removing files: edit or remove the file in the DMS and then attach new files or remove old ones in Nimbus. With M-Files and other metadata based DMS, one alternative we have found is to link to “views” instead of files. That way you only need to add and remove files in the M-Files view to change the Nimbus attachment.

The link from the activity box goes to a view in M-Files istead of directly to the file.

The link from the activity box goes to a view in M-Files istead of directly to the file.

M-Files workflows for quality control

Nimbus’ document registry has a process for publishing documents starting with a draft, which later gets sent for authorization and then promoted to master. With M-Files you can freely set up workflows for all sorts of uses, including for similar document quality control. When you have documents from M-Files as important process attachments in Nimbus, you can mimic the publishing process of diagrams and documents in Nimbus. You can set up process documents so that you start editing in a draft copy, send for it to be authorized and then publish it to replace the existing master. This gives the document management solution the same “feel” as Nimbus and makes sense to old Nimbus authors.

M-Files workflow

An example of the states of a process document, as seen in the M-Files Workflow process tool. Workflow steps can be manual or automatic.

We have experienced that TIBCO Nimbus and M-Files are a great match for an Operational Management System. To learn more about M-Files, visit their website.

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M-Files views: Folders when you need them

M-Files is already widely praised as folderless storage the way it’s meant to be, and for its fast free search function. But it does allow you to have folders when you need them. “Views”, virtual folders that show files according to different properties, can be configured and promoted to users very easily in M-Files. Continuing our story about what small companies love about M-Files, we come to the interesting point of balancing free search and views.

M-Files is a document management system that let’s you find the right document when you search for it, every time, with no worry about which version is correct. But that is now just common knowledge about the product. There are many useful ways to find and promote files for the right people.

No actual folders

When you save a file to M-Files, it goes straight into the vault. But before it is stored you receive a prompt where you fill in some properties like which company it is related to, what project it’s related to, type of document (project plan, contract, etc.) and such. This ensures the file is named correctly and connected to the right places. So if you search for “all contracts” or a specific client, you will also find your files that way. Truly folderless!

Only when you want them

But there are times when you do want folders. But not the usual way: looking through a structure, clicking away to get into “z:\\company share 1\documents\clients\client_X\legal_documents\contracts\2014…” and so forth. A shortcut doesn’t help much, because there’s still the need to manually manage that folder. A view (while not a new invention), is a “virtual folder” that reads metadata and fills itself with files that correspond to some criteria. They give you the ability to just package some files and promote them to your users, continuously updated on their front page. Documents like “Contracts soon to expire”, “My clients”, “Upcoming reports”, etc. in folders tailored to the specific user/role and automatically updated as new files that fit the criteria arrive.

Helping you keep track of your workload

Our small M-Files clients make good use of this feature to keep track of their workload and make sure important documents and tasks are dealt with in time. Swedish company Fernemo Information & Grafik, who’s case story sparked this series, instantly enjoyed the great search function and the other ways of finding and promoting files. “Everyone has been very positive about the new system. Even from those who are not at very good terms with computers, the feedback has been remarkably positive,” says Ivar and smiles. “What they think is great is that each one of them have gained a much better overview of what they are doing. Both what material is coming in and what they’re working on right now, but also the work that is already done, which has been appreciated.”

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Document Management things small companies love about M-Files

Last week we talked about our customer Fernemo Information & Grafik, a small media production agency with its main clients in the public sector all over Sweden. In that short blog post, we discussed M-Files Document Management as a way even for small companies to escape the aging folder structure of Windows. There were other reasons Fernemo chose us and M-Files, like the need for complex workflows together with version control and web access on all platforms. (Download M-Files Trial, here!)

Less work with workflows

“Fernemos requirements for a replacement of shared folders in Windows Explorer for document management made ​​M-files, an advanced and innovative document management systems, come up as an option. We wanted a solution that easily integrated with the workflow we had already established with our staff,” said Ivar Fernemo of the company’s initial requirements for a new Document Management system.

M-Files allows clients to easily create workflows for the stored document types, send assignments to the users and keep track of their progress. This gives the users both in management and on the floor a greatly improved overview of their workload. For a small company where a few people are tasked with much responsibiliy, this overview is crucial to the success of the business.

Easily configured Document Management

M-Files Document Management software prides itself with being very easy to configure. After a little help with the initial set up, the configuration of workflows and other advanced features are quite easy. “It was also great advantage that the system was in Swedish and that you could get help with configuration in Swedish” says Ivar Fernemo in his case interview with us.

Full version control and on different platforms

The way M-Files handles version control was also impressive, and a big reason behind Fernemo’s choice. “Moreover, everyone demanded a simple version control, because it was previously done manually and sometimes incorrectly. It is also difficult with shared Windows folders to see who has made ​​changes and what they did. This, together with the requirement for access on different platforms where some only work on the web, administrators are used to working in a pure Windows environment while others work on Mac, made ​​the M-files a strong alternative. M-Files was also able to seamlessly integrate with the established VPN solution.”

Read the full case here!

Download a Trial version of M-Files, here!

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No more shared folders – go folderless with M-Files!

Folderless with M-FilesFolderless with M-Files: Document management for businesses is largely one of those things that innovation left behind, especially for small companies. Like whales retain their thighbones since their days as land living dinosaurs, many of us still rely on shared network folders. Files like “Annual report 2014 v.1.53 FINAL -NEW VERSION 2-.docx” are stored in different locations and storing files become a chore. Some of our clients have found a way to lessen their workload with a much easier, folderless and clutter-free storage.

It seems everything in IT moves quickly… except for storing files! That was the experience of swedish Fernemo Information & Grafik AB. They are a small media production company focusing on producing annual reports for the public sector. We recently helped them make the switch with from native Windows network folders to the metadata based, folderless DMS software M-Files. This has empowered them by letting them find the right file, every time, with no clutter or duplicates.

Windows Shared folders entails a great workload

For years, Fernemo have used a strict policy for naming files, and for access to various folders on the network. “We worked quite manually, and it worked great. But it had two weaknesses in itself: It was quite difficult to get an overview of what individuals’ workloads looked like and it was very labor intensive,” says Ivar Fernemo, president of the company. After going folderless with M-Files, Fernemo now has one of the most modern document management systems around.

Folderless with M-Files

Everyone quickly got up to speed with M-Files, thanks to its automation. Now they don’t have to decide where to put or how to name their files anymore. They just click “Save to M-Files” and then they get to do a few quick selections. M-Files then ensures the files are named correctly and connected to the right customers and projects.

Read the rest of their case here!

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M-Files: Det bedste dokumenthåndteringssystem!

Det er ikke kun os, der synes at M-Files er det bedste dokumenthåndteringssystem. TopTen Review har M-Files som #1 Gold Award Winner. Gartner har M-Files in sin Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management Software 2013 og Forrester inkluderer M-Files i sin Forrester Wave Enterprise Content Management 2013 rapport.

bedste dokumenthåndteringssystembedste dokumenthåndteringssystem

TopTen Review (  giver M-Files karakteren 10 ud af 10 på grund af dets forretningsmæssige potentiale ud over generel dokumenthåndtering, og fordi M-Files mestrer både dokumenthåndtering og workflow. M-Files er anderledes, blandt andet fordi det ikke har en folderstruktur men er rent metadata-baseret, og det er uhyre enkelt at implementere og forstå. Alle ændringer logges og monitoreres, så der er styr på dokumentanvendelsen.

Gartner (download rapporten) fremhæver, at M-Files er bygget omkring en metadata-baseret struktur for filer, adgangsrettigheder og navigation i systemet. Det gør løsningen uhyre fleksibel. Brugere ser filerne i den sammenhæng, der er relevant for dem selv, og filerne er ikke hard-coded til en statisk folder-struktur. De fremhæver også stærke vertikale løsninger, såsom Kvalitetsstyring og Kontraktstyring. Endelig lægger de vægt på at M-Files kan afvikles in-house, som en Cloud løsning eller som en hybrid imellem de to. Få kopien af Gartner rapporten på M-Files hjemmeside:

Forrester (download rapporten) fremhæver, at M-Files tilbyder en ny og frisk tilgang til Enterprise Content Management med metadata og søgefaciliteter som alternativ til traditionel folderstruktur. Arkitekturen giver en fleksibel navigation med smidig gruppering af informationer. Endvidere fremhæves, at M-Files er en fuldt hybrid løsning med både cloud og on-site installation. (

Hos Solution Management mener vi, at M-Files giver den bedste dokumenthåndteringsløsning, når man sammenholder funktionalitet, brugervenlighed, pris og teknologi. Vi vil især fremhæve:

  • At M-Files har fuld ECM funktionalitet
  • At M-Files er uhyre enkelt at forstå og anvende for slutbrugeren
  • At M-Files’ versionshåndtering er velfungerende og praktisk at anvende
  • At integrationen med andre systemer er effektiv
  • At der findes out-of the box løsninger, der med simpel konfiguration kan tages i brug omgående
#1 i Dokumenthåndtering
Få en gratis trial
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Fastighetsjätte väljer M-Files som ersättning för sitt nuvarande dokumenthanteringssystem

M-Files ett finskt ”Enterprise Content Management (ECM)” som är känt för sitt dynamiska sätt att hantera dokument och har blivit utvalt som “bästa dokumenthanteringssystem” av bl. a. TopTenReviews.

Fastighetsjätte väljer M-Files som ersättning för sitt nuvarande dokumenthanteringssystem

Det amerikanska fastighetsbolaget Boxer Property Management Corporation har valt M-Files för att
på ett mer effektivt sätt hantera sin massiva samling av hyresavtal, hyresgästsinformation, teknisk information och redovisningsdokumentation.
Boxer Property behövde en enklare och snabbare lösning för sin personal för att hitta de dokument de behövde. Dessutom har olika versioner av samma dokument som finns i olika applikationer i hela företaget gjort det svårt för personalen att avgöra vilken version av ett dokument som var korrekt.
Genom att migrera från… Continue reading
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Solution Management testar M-Files 10.0

M-Files 10.0 är en viktig uppdatering som tillför flera nya funktioner till det redan populära och nytänkande dokumenthanteringssystemet (DMS). Utvecklarna har lyssnat på sina kunder och samarbetspartners för att ytterliggare förbättra sin prisbelönta mjukvara. Nu deltar vi i betatestprogrammet av M-Files 10.0. Bland de mest framträdande nya funktionerna som kommer med den nya versionen finns:

  • Ny och mer intuitiv UI för klienten, webserver och mobila platformar.
  • En redesign av gränssnittet för metadatahantering som gör det enklare och snabbare att spara ner dokument, samt förbättrar stödet för elektroniska formulär.
  • M-Files Mobile Access får förbättrat stöd för enheter med iOS, Android och Windows Phone, som gör det enkelt att använda mobila enheter för att spara ner och navigera genom information, samt skriva under elektroniska dokument.
  • Förbättrad integration med andra affärssystem bl.a SharePoint och flera CRM- och ERP-lösningar så som SAP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM och ERP, inkluderande GP, AX och NAV, Salesforce samt NetSuite.
  • Flera andra förbättringar för gränssnitt och användarvänlighet för en enklare och mer effektiv upplevelse för användare och administratörer.

Kontakta oss om en demonstration så visar vi gärna upp M-Files i ett webmöte! Skriv till

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